Keith Baldwin, Chief Relationship Officer and Majority Partner of Spike’s Trophies, Ltd.  has been at Spike’s for over 40 years, with the first 25 years as an employee.   He is President of the largest buying group in his industry (Award Associates of America).  A Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Alumni.  Past winner of the Awards and Recognition Association’s Retailer of the Year and Greater Philadelphia’s Chamber of Commerce’s Manufacturer of the Year.  Author of “A Leap Year of Firsts.

Upcoming Speaking Engagements:

February 24, 2022 Paris Hotel & Casino Las Vegas
Awards and Personalization Association National conference
Seminar:  What I Learned in 202 during my “Leap Year of Firsts”

Speech Topics:

What I learned from 2020 in “working the problem”- How to deal with Crisis

  1. Limit your pity party
  2. Ask yourself and others good questions
  3. Rely on Core Values (hoe to develop if you don’t have)
  4. Sleep on it
  5. Find your Why to exceed your limits.

Build relationships before you need them.  

Can’t microwave.  Not a one and done.  Participation in groups over time.  

  1. Listen – everyone has a story
    a. Hi, my name is Keith, tell me about you…
  2. How can I help?  Take mental notes.  Document in outlook.  Add photo if possible. Connect via LinkedIn.
    a. Introduction? Recommend? Supply? Purchase?
  3. Action.  Focus. Do as you said or promised. ONE actionable item and do it!.  

It’s a Wonderful Life – live it!

  1. Have:  Successful business (45 years, First person in my family to own a business, 2 absentee owners, broke piggy bank to purchase, President of National Buying Group, etc..)
  2. Have Not:  Pandemic, March 17th no pay, March 20th no business / Dad passing
  3. Have:  Found Why, helped others, did best job of my life for free, but got paid more than I have ever been paid


  1. Firsts – live learn unstuck
  2. No one getting out of here alive.
  3. Mom – live life
  4. Dad – I’ve lived a good life – ready to go
  5. Work the problem

Who packs your parachute / Ripples – Effects of your actions

  1. $1,000 from a friend, A Call to become a Call Center & A friend lending an ear during turbulent times
  2. Saved jobs
  3. You never know the effect your actions have on people

3 Keys to retain and attract your employees 

  1. Core Values
  2. Communication
  3. Care – be real & sincere
  4. Culture eats Strategy

Life is about experiences – collect them (the Power of Firsts)

  • Try to collect as many as possible
  • Negatives teach – learn from them
  • Hopefully more positive & enjoyable than negative 
  • Firsts a way to collect them 
  • Like shells on the shore

The Power of Firsts

  • Seeing life for the “first” time through the eyes as a child
  • Learning to learn and grow.
  • Thursdays with Luke.  
  • Take the time.  Advise from a recovering workaholic 



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