This book is a journey of a small business owner during his Leap Year of Firsts where he did something for the “first” time in his life – EVERYDAY.  What starts out as an innocent bucket list quest of adventures, learning, understanding and fun takes a dramatic turn of unwanted, yet inspirational firsts caused by the pandemic.  Go from flying a plane and  driving a race car to sleeping on the street as a homeless person.  From the first time laying all his employees off as a “non-essential” awards company at 2:30 p.m. on Friday March 20th, to hiring them back two hours later as an “essential” call center to set up Covid-19 tests for the state of New York – both “firsts.”  Experience how a small business owner found his “why” of saving jobs during the challenging year of the pandemic.  Gain appreciation, understanding and empathy from the shared experiences of attending different religious services, Muslim, Mormon and Jehovah Witness.

Keith Baldwin had no idea when he started his innocent and fun quest of “firsts” on the 1st of January 2020 that it would turn into a year like no other.  A year where he did something EVERY day for the “first” time in his life.   A year that turned into chaos, opportunity and a few unthinkable “firsts.”  A year in which we lived a generation in a year. 

Ride along as Keith takes you on a daily journey where we experienced a pandemic like 1918.  Unemployment and depression like the Great one in 1929.   Civil unrest like the 60’s.  And an election that brought back images of our Civil War.  A year when the author discovered his “WHY.”  Uncover why he was working 24/7 for free.  Why he was passionate and inspired despite the seemingly insurmountable obstacles.  He was driven.  He did things he never would have thought he was capable.  Why?  What was fueling him? 

Join Keith in his Leap Year of Firsts as he experiences a bucket list of firsts.  He enjoyed his fifteen minutes of fame in the midst of the chaos and opportunity.  Share his quests for understanding and funny firsts.   Discover the lessons learned in the Twilight Zone episodes that 2020 produced and how it changed him. 

He believes he did the best job of his life for FREE.  But he was paid more than he had ever been paid in his life, just in so many other ways.  That is life changing.  There were many along the way that threw a pebble in his pond that created many ripples which effected many others.  He hopes to pay it forward in some small way by sharing this book.

While finding his “WHY” he …
  • Discovered new ways to have some FUN
  • Learned from his Adventures
  • Uncovered Solutions by “Working the Problem”
  • Gained great Appreciation, Understanding & Empathy