List of 366 Firsts

The following are the full lists of the firsts I did this year – 366 of them! I highlighted in BOLD the firsts that are featured in the book. I just listed the balance to save you the boredom.

1.Jan-1Mummers Parade – Live
2.Jan-2Daily Journal – Writing one
4.Jan-4Drive the speed limit to work
5.Jan-5Homemade pickles
6.Jan-6Tarot card reading
7.Jan-7Call into a radio show
8.Jan-8CPR certification class
9.Jan-9Live portrait model drawing
10.Jan-10Visit a mosque – Attend an Islamic service
11.Jan-11Teeter machine
12.Jan-12Welcome a new neighbor
13.Jan-13Online course – Drawing
14.Jan-14Heart Ablation
15.Jan-15Tie a bow tie
16.Jan-16Rushed to emergency room
17.Jan-17Overnight stay in the hospital
18.Jan-18Listen to a podcast series
19.Jan-19Binge-watch a series (The Vietnam War)
20.Jan-20Order from Amazon
22.Jan-22Play hooky and go to a movie by myself
23.Jan-23Wear high heels
24.Jan-24Read to first grandson
25.Jan-25Video with Canon EOS Camera
26.Jan-26Interview my mom for posterity
27.Jan-27Voice memo on iPhone
28.Jan-28Detail interior of car
29.Jan-29Try topical cannabinoid
30.Jan-30Wear CRAZY heart socks
31.Jan-31Lunch with daughter at her work
32.Feb-1Order and eat Bangers & Mash
33.Feb-2Attend a Jehovah Witness service
34.Feb-3BIG head as a birthday present
35.Feb-4iFLY Indoor Skydiving
37.Feb-6Drink a 5-hour energy drink
38.Feb-7Meet White House IT Director
39.Feb-8Patch ripped leather in car
40.Feb-9Attend a Mormon service
41.Feb-10Make a Venmo payment
42.Feb-11Work with my wife at her job
43.Feb-12Medical marijuana caregiver card
44.Feb-13A Woman of No Importance (play)
45.Feb-14Dispensary with caregiver card
46.Feb-15Race car at Las Vegas Motor Speedway
47.Feb-16Descend 30 floors via stairs
48.Feb-17Sleep on a couch in Vegas
49.Feb-18Try Blue Chair Bay Coconut Rum
50.Feb-19Cher Live in Vegas
51.Feb-20Golf in Vegas
52.Feb-21Bake pot brownies for mom
53.Feb-22Home-brewed beer
54.Feb-23Change first grandson’s diaper
55.Feb-24Change air filters at home
56.Feb-25Perform plumbing at home
57.Feb-26Eat pot brownies
58.Feb-27Hammock Beach Resort – Palm Coast, Florida
59.Feb-28Ocean Course – Palm Coast, Florida
60.Feb-29Wear golf knickers
61.Mar-1Eat gator bites
62.Mar-2Deplane for mechanical issue
63.Mar-3Attend an AIM Mastermind event
64.Mar-4Eat and drink a dirty cookie shot
65.Mar-5Austin, Texas – Best BBQ
66.Mar-6Dad’s ashes in my golf bag
67.Mar-7Take our dog Elliot on a new walking path
68.Mar-8Walk Riverwinds Nature Trail
69.Mar-9Business interruption claim
70.Mar-10Donate suits for Suit Drive
71.Mar-11Medical marijuana lozenges
72.Mar-12A pandemic (life changes)
73.Mar-13The Best Man (A Play)
74.Mar-14Axe throwing
75.Mar-15Global entry online renewal
76.Mar-16Worried for the future of my business
77.Mar-17No salary – Worked for free
78.Mar-18COVID-19 exposure shut down my business
79.Mar-19Dealt with a threat to a life
80.Mar-20Laid off staff @ 2:30pm Part 1
80.Mar-20Hired staff back @ 4:30pm Part 2 “Manna from heaven”
81.Mar-21Became a Call Center
82.Mar-22Gave up #1 son status
83.Mar-23Purchased premade dinners
84.Mar-24COVID-19 “Survival Guide”
85.Mar-25Call from an employee’s father
86.Mar-26A check for no reason other than to help me
87.Mar-27Work on another business
88.Mar-28115 mph on I-95N to “whyˮ
89.Mar-29Hacked – Asked for money
90.Mar-30Use Slack (communication app)
91.Mar-31Pep talk to industry members
92.Apr-1Did NOT achieve a written goal
93.Apr-2Posted selfies of employees – My heroes
94.Apr-3PPP Care Act loan filing
95.Apr-4Bible Study via Zoom
96.Apr-5Facebook post to LinkedIn
97.Apr-6Article in Forbes Magazine
98.Apr-7Interviewed for Podcast
99.Apr-8Passover Seder (via Zoom)
100.Apr-9PPP loan application accepted
101.Apr-10Sent “pebble” poem product of gratitude
102.Apr-11Staff featured in the Wall Street Journal
103.Apr-12Family Easter Sunday via Zoom
104.Apr-13Interviewed by 6ABC
105.Apr-14Virtual Penn Relays
106.Apr-15Signed loan document via Zoom
107.Apr-16Cried on TV (6ABC)
108.Apr-17Called a “super hero”
109.Apr-18Company Facebook page unpublished
110.Apr-19Google Meets – Virtual tee time
111.Apr-20Worked through the night with no sleep
112.Apr-21Saved 123 jobs – California unemployment calls
113.Apr-22Lost 123 jobs – California unemployment calls
114.Apr-23Wore a mask to Wawa
115.Apr-24Featured as Hero on Zoom meeting
116.Apr-25Wrote to Mr. Zuckerberg’s Facebook page
117.Apr-26Sales meeting on Sunday
118.Apr-27NRF’s Small Business Spotlight
119.Apr-28Cold-called for interview by KYW-Radio
120.Apr-29Contacted by a QVC producer
121.Apr-30Called a book publisher
122.May-1Wear tutu at board of directors Zoom meeting
123.May-2Took time to say NO
124.May-3Foam bumper golf
125.May-4NO machines running mid-day, mid-busy season
126.May-5Margaritas at lunch at work during busy season
127.May-6Disinfectant wipes order
128.May-7Sold hand-held thermometers
129.May-8Live on KYW-Radio
130.May-9Mascot – Honk for Mother’s Day
131.May-10Ordered curbside pickup
132.May-11Twilight Zone edition of the company newsletter
133.May-12Hired son – Full-time bookkeeper
134.May-13Started hand sanitizer business
135.May-14Signed two NDAs in a day
136.May-15Signed fourth NDA in a week
137.May-16Socially distanced dinner
138.May-17Spent a Sunday on collections
139.May-18Applied vinyl on a sign
140.May-19Lost call center jobs for NYC
141.May-20Contact tracing calls prospecting
142.May-21Employees call for State of California
143.May-22Sammy Sosa alcohol drink
144.May-23Spike’s office safety S.O.S. kits
145.May-24Job hunted for my brother
146.May-25Shot 38 on nine holes
147.May-26Set up a Skype account
148.May-27Mid-year staff thank you bonuses
149.May-28DHL office at airport
150.May-29QVC and HSN Skype test
151.May-30Canceled Nile River Cruise & Jerusalem trip
152.May-31Civil unrest in Center City, Philadelphia
153.Jun-1Canceled industry group’s summer meeting
154.Jun-2QVC and HSN LIVE
155.Jun-3Slept overnight at work
156.Jun-4Met a fighter pilot
157.Jun-5Personalized hand sanitizer
158.Jun-6Used Blue Jeans computer program
159.Jun-7Wore pink tutu on golf course
160.Jun-8Zoom meeting on iPhone
161.Jun-9Stopped praise from group
162.Jun-10Shared screen in Zoom
163.Jun-11Learned ASANA program
164.Jun-12Spoke to Facebook directly
165.Jun-13Employees quitting call centers
166.Jun-14Canceled City-to-Shore ride
167.Jun-15Federal Reserve Main Street lending program
168.Jun-16A call like no other
169.Jun-17Sing as front man to a band
170.Jun-18Tipped gas attendant
171.Jun-19Mobile machine product demo
172.Jun-20Employee tests positive for COVID-19
173.Jun-21Father’s Day as Grumpa
174.Jun-22Took a COVID-19 fast test
175.Jun-23Used BrainToss app
176.Jun-24Panama Jack Sidewalk Sale
177.Jun-25Tailgate show for competitors
178.Jun-26Exported contacts from LinkedIn
179.Jun-27Posted opinion on social media
180.Jun-28Organized daughter’s basement
181.Jun-29“House call” as “Dr. Baldwin”
182.Jun-30Facetime with grandson
183.Jul-1Fly a plane 
184.Jul-2Networking tailgate
185.Jul-3Zoom retirement party call
186.Jul-4Camp Okanickon Trail hike
187.Jul-5Golf in three hours as a walker
188.Jul-6Questions for Conversations with a Black Man
189.Jul-7Endorse someone on LinkedIn
190.Jul-8Convert CSV file to Excel
191.Jul-9Practice range on my way to work
192.Jul-10Listen to an audio book (The Fire Next Time)
193.Jul-11Froze top row in Excel
194.Jul-121st birthday with first grandchild
195.Jul-13Emailed golf joke to golf group
196.Jul-14PBE Zoom meeting
197.Jul-15Live networking post-COVID-19
198.Jul-16Wear Sketchers
199.Jul-17Mooned friend on golf course
200.Jul-18Medical marijuana lozenges with my old neighborhood friends
201.Jul-19Shot over 100 at Scotland Run
203.Jul-21Live in studio production
204.Jul-22“Loved” a posting on LinkedIn
205.Jul-23YouTube Live event
206.Jul-24Play Pickle Ball
207.Jul-25Walk railroad tracks at work
208.Jul-26Walk trail at Tacony-Palmyra Bridge
209.Jul-27Phillies tickets moved to 2021
210.Jul-28Added Google My Business photos
211.Jul-29Golf 18 holes with three clubs
212.Jul-30Father & Son fishing trip
213.Jul-31Catch a King Salmon
214.Aug-1Kayak by myself
215.Aug-2Eat chocolate-covered coffee beans
216.Aug-3Call center for two states – California & New York
217.Aug-4Flood at one of the showrooms
218.Aug-5A Seven-figure sale (sneeze guards)
219.Aug-6Charged $300,000 order on AMEX
220.Aug-7Loaned employees out to keep them employed
221.Aug-8Symphony Hall – Sirius 76
222.Aug-9Pandora Now – Sirius 3
223.Aug-10PHISH Radio – Sirius 29
224.Aug-11Hip Hop Nation – Sirius 44
225.Aug-12Read Charge of the Light Brigade
226.Aug-13BPM (Beats Per Minute)  – Sirius 51
227.Aug-14Bluegrass Junction – Sirius 62
228.Aug-15enLighten – Sirius 65
229.Aug-16Grandchild’s first birthday party
230.Aug-17Real Jazz – Sirius 67
231.Aug-18Member – Guest with my brother
232.Aug-19BB King Bluesville – Sirius 74
233.Aug-20Met Opera Radio – Sirius 75 (now 355)
234.Aug-21Joel Olsteen Radio – Sirius 128
235.Aug-22Political viewpoint via email
236.Aug-23Laugh USA  – Sirius 98
237.Aug-24Develop logo for my golf team
238.Aug-25Rural Radio – Sirius 147
239.Aug-26Business Radio – Sirius 123
240.Aug-27Produce golf team merchandise
241.Aug-28Tee shot between marker and ball
242.Aug-29Eat a prune
243.Aug-30Wear mismatched socks
244.Aug-31Sent invitation to fill a restaurant
245.Sep-1PPP loan forgiveness sign up
246.Sep-2Dinner invite refusal due to COVID-19
247.Sep-3Photo book of grandson’s first year
248.Sep-4Massage chair during workday
249.Sep-5Horseshoe Bend Park hike
250.Sep-6Tried to drive to left side of lake on ninth hole
251.Sep-7Hit four consecutive 3 woods
252.Sep-8Filled a restaurant
253.Sep-9Paid for Larry Cohen’s dinner
254.Sep-10Watched a movie on Prime
255.Sep-11Friend drove cross country
256.Sep-12Parked Winnebago inside office
257.Sep-13Tried smelling salts
258.Sep-14Received a virtual “shout out”
259.Sep-15Asked Siri – Closest gun range
260.Sep-16Painted a wine glass
261.Sep-17Picked up a million-dollar check
262.Sep-18Walked backward around the block
263.Sep-19Walk on beach of the Delaware River
264.Sep-20Play a “Snell” named golf ball
265.Sep-21Golf lesson on course
266.Sep-22Went unsuccessfully to gun range to shoot
267.Sep-23Visit Vietnam War Memorial
268.Sep-24COVID-19-inspired “Watch Party”
269.Sep-25Used golf pushcart
270.Sep-26Took mom to her brother’s home
271.Sep-27Three birdies in a round of golf
272.Sep-28Solicited local competitors
273.Sep-29Zoom call with mentor with Alzheimer’s
274.Sep-30Customer trade show as tailgate
275.Oct-1PPP loan forgiveness completed
276.Oct-2Acquired company due to COVID-19
277.Oct-3Deschutes “Fresh Haze” beer
278.Oct-4Pocono Manor Golf Course
279.Oct-5Drank pickle juice-infused vodka
280.Oct-6Visited Sweet Valley, Pennsylvania
281.Oct-7Birdied hole #16 at Riverwinds
282.Oct-8Ate a lemon for a charity challenge
283.Oct-9Changed name on Zoom call
284.Oct-10Drove over the Manhattan Bridge
285.Oct-11Shot 39 on Scotland Run front nine
286.Oct-12Watched Collateral Beauty movie
287.Oct-13Contacted City Controller
288.Oct-14Emailed and called Pennsylvania Senators
289.Oct-15Received first signed book of a new author
290.Oct-16Rent abatement
291.Oct-17Trunk or Treat for Halloween
292.Oct-18Shot of whiskey at 7 a.m. golf match
293.Oct-19Virtual cocktail tasting
294.Oct-20Mail-in vote for President
296.Oct-22Skyline Drive, Virginia
297.Oct-23Blue Ridge Parkway
298.Oct-24Stargazing app
299.Oct-25Visited Asheville, North Carolina
300.Oct-26Play Farkle
301.Oct-27Belgium gelato in a blue cone
302.Oct-28Isle of Palms sunrise
303.Oct-29Lying next to live alligator on golf course
304.Oct-30Wrote names on a seashell
305.Oct-31French press coffee
306.Nov-1Donation for pet charity
307.Nov-2Smoked a cigarette
309.Nov-4Application to serve at a shelter
310.Nov-5Virtual cooking class
311.Nov-6Disc Golf
312.Nov-7First woman of color VP speech
313.Nov-8COVID-19 test to self
314.Nov-9Golf without a glove
315.Nov-10Multiple staff test positive for COVID-19
316.Nov-11Used machine to apply custom medals
317.Nov-12Pick up dinner and “real” roses
318.Nov-13Visit a Buddhist temple
319.Nov-14Reach out to a speech writer
320.Nov-15Drove left of lake on ninth hole
321.Nov-16Visit grandparents’ gravesite
322.Nov-17Call with Warren Buffett
323.Nov-18Business meeting at Top Golf
324.Nov-19Bernard Langer virtual interview
325.Nov-20Played hooky from work to play with my grandson
326.Nov-21Hire speech/book coach
327.Nov-22The opera – Falstaff (virtually)
329.Nov-24COVID-19 test – Four-hour line
330.Nov-25Wrote prologue to my first book
331.Nov-26Communicated Thanksgiving gratitude and love
332.Nov-27Visit gravesite of grandparents on mom’s side
333.Nov-28Wrote outline for my first book
334.Nov-29Learn a magic trick
335.Nov-30Draft of book cover
336.Dec-1Attend a virtual trade show
337.Dec-2Build a gingerbread house
339.Dec-4Nitrile (medical) glove order
340.Dec-5Slept on the streets with the homeless
342.Dec-7Assemble bikes for charity
343.Dec-8Watch a movie with subtitles
344.Dec-9Guitar lesson
345.Dec-10My Social Security statement
346.Dec-11Wrote a song – Twenty-Twenty
347.Dec-12Free-form watercolor painting
348.Dec-13Perform a magic trick
349.Dec-14Wore wig for video birthday message
350.Dec-15Make crab cakes from scratch
351.Dec-16Tip jar for driving mom
352.Dec-17Read Bible as an adult
353.Dec-18Wrote a speech
354.Dec-19Trap shooting
355.Dec-20Research and pick a stock – AI
356.Dec-21Give money to homeless person at a stoplight
357.Dec-22Play a video game – FIFA
358.Dec-23Wear an ugly Christmas sweater
359.Dec-24Gift-card-only Christmas presents
360.Dec-25Watch It’s a Wonderful Life
361.Dec-26Kwanzaa (learn about)
362.Dec-27Cast a spell
363.Dec-28Record my first speech
364.Dec-29Being blind (simulated)
365.Dec-30Fly a drone
366.Dec-31Write a book (finish manuscript outline)